Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magic our Sphynx cat passed away

Magic summer 2010 in the backyard cement pad
On December 15th, 2010 our only remaining cat Magic passed away unexpectedly.

I found her that morning very cold and unresponsive in our staircase in the house. I brought her immediately to the veterinarian. I knew something was very wrong by the simple fact that she did not reposition herself when I picked her up.
At the vets they check heart, temperature etc. She had a very low core body temperature. They also found that she was highly dehydrated. The put an intravenous on her to get more fluids into her body then took an x-ray to see what was wrong inside. The noticed an obstruction in her stomach and smaller bowl. They said she needed an emergency ultrasound/sonogram of her abdomen.
I was at emergency with her for 3 hours and they found that her stomach and smaller intestine had stopped moving. To bring her back to the vet clinic.
I got back to the clinic just after 3pm they said that they would keep her for the night and give her fluids.
On my way home (I live 15 minutes from the clinic) I get a call to come back to the clinic right away, I asked if I should call my husband and have him meet me there, they said yes.
Maggie, Magic's adopted mom
By the time I got back to the clinic they had Magic on a machine to breath for her to keep her alive. Apparently she had a really bad infection and she threw a clot which logged either in her brain or her lungs. My husband got there within minutes of my arrival. We barely had time to say good-bye before she was gone.
They offered to do an autopsy and I said yes, I wanted to know why she died, it was all so unexpected.
The blockage was dental floss, a lot of dental floss, they think she may have gotten hold of a container and ate it all, which caused the blockage.
We were so careful and watchful over all of them to make sure they didn't get into anything that would harm them in any way.
What a cruel and unnecessary death.
We thought that we would have her in our life for many many more years.
We miss her so much, not just the people in our family, but the dogs too! Maggie used to treat her like a puppy, washing her, bossing her, sleeping and cuddling together. Maggie is our youngest Bernese Mountain dog and she's been moping around the house and crying...

She's not the only one crying...