Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our two new babies are here!!!

Finally! We have our two new babies Sphynx kittens. We looked long and hard and we found these two sweeties!
Shadow is in the background in the basket
looking down at Halo in the foreground.
Photo copyright Rain Longson 2011
It was a major struggle to come up with the perfect names for these tiny little characters, but it came to us.
The oldest by a whole week is Shadow, a very curious and outgoing little girl who weighed in at 102 grams on the day we got her. She looks like a dilute calico except the charcoal grey on her.
The boy we named Halo is a cream and peach colored tabby, who is so sweet and cuddly and very loving! He little guy weighed in at 92 grams on the day he came home!
Shadow, (his sister only by the fact we adopted them both) is such an instigator - she has perfected her sneak attacks on her brother! Halo is fearless and has already shown that he loves exploring!
Both have been spade/neutered within the 8 days and have to stay as quiet and relaxed (right!) as possible until Monday. On Monday we will expand the space they are allowed in from being stuck in the bathroom.
They have already meet Monty and Maggie. Monty could care less about these little beings and Maggie has been sniffing noses and bums already. Halo and Maggie are on good terms and Shadow is still a little bit growly, but I think she is only trying to make a point.
I will be posting some updates and photo's as time goes by. I'm hoping for one of the kittens sleeping with Maggie. She is such a mommy dog it isn't funny. She tries to mother everything smaller and or younger than herself!