Monday, August 22, 2011

Monty has passed away...

Monty passed away at 9pm Aug 19, we did not have a chance to say a true goodbye. The surgeon discovered in the middle of the surgery that he could not help Monty. We received a call to come in and say our goodbye's. Monty was under sedation at the time to keep him from pain and haemorrhaging.
John, Monty,  Maggie Longson
July 5th 2011
Maggie is really depressed. She was waiting for Monty to go on our walk earlier today, looking around for him. She has never been without him, she seems so lost.
Poor girl was with Monty and I all of Friday evening from the vets and to emergency. When we went to the vet`s I`d had not expected it to turn out so bad, I just thought that it was his thyroid acting up and possibly having over heated a bit – not that Maggie was showing anything like that. So Maggie ended up going out to Can West with us. She spent part of her time in the car and part inside waiting with me. We got there at 8 and I left just before midnight. She was totally weirded out by being at Can West, memories of her knee surgery I think and by the fact that Monty did not come back with us.