Monday, September 5, 2011

More baby pic's

Some more baby pic's - cuddly Sphynx! Halo is on the left and Shadow is on the right.
Photo taken in my office chair – has a heating pad on it for them.
Left is Halo on the right is Shadow. Halo is the boy – he is so, so cuddly!

This photo was taken – with great difficulty of them sleeping on my lap!
They like cuddling together – thy are so sweet and angelic (when asleep!).
Little demons when awake. Shadow used to attack Halo’s butt all the time.
Now that he’s a little bigger and older he is making up for lost time
by beating the daylights out of her!
Two sleepy babies in their bed in my office.
Please note that they have 8 beds in my office, 1 in the bedroom, not
including the human bed another in the bathroom and 2 in the living room
1 in the dining room. The whole walk-in closet is a bed, they have figured out
how to climb up the clothing shelves and onto the clothes on hangers.