Sunday, October 23, 2011

Furkid PJ's and Leggings

I have patterns for full body, leg and tail (tail cover is removable) belly pj's and has a large enough poop shoot for male and female dogs. The PJ's go from neck to base of tail, shoulders to wrist, hip to ankle, removable tail cover leaves tail tip free. Snaps down the back NOT the belly, more comfy for them to lay down. Depending on skin issues can be sewn with seams on the exterior to reduce irritation inside joints and arm pits.
I designed the pj's myself for hairless cats with skin problems - you just have to resize them.
If anybody is interested I also have a pattern for 'legging's' that actually stay on no matter how goofy the dog gets - even rolling around on his or her back won't knock them off.
The leggings were designed for large dog with bad knees which also had arthritis.
I will send you pic's of the garments and patterns/directions for free just e-mail me at or leave a comment here.
I will eventually post this info here too.
More about my furkid paintings at my art site.