Friday, October 28, 2011

Leg Warmer for dogs

Maggie wearing her legwarmers.
Copyright Rain Longson 2009
Here is a photo of Maggie wearing her polar fleece leggings. They are made of black polar fleece with an elastic finish at the ankle not ribbing - ribbing would have pulled and such her ankle hair.
Note that she is also wearing a harness, the dog needs to be wearing a harness to attach the legging suspenders onto. The leggings are in 2 pieces attached together by large snaps, the suspender is attached permanently on one side and has snaps on the other with an adjustment buckle.
The leg warmers completely covers the lower back and hips. Even when Maggie acted like a silly puppy by rolling over onto her back and squiggling they did not come off.
No amount of running, jumping or acting up knocked them off nor did they slide off.