Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A dehydrator with stuff JUST for dog treats

A dehydrator with stuff JUST for dog treats at an incredibly great price.

Your pet's health is important. Know what is in the treats they eat by making your own.

Item Number: FD-28PTM

This Pet Treat Maker Dehydrator will give you as the pet owner control over the quality of treats your pet eats. This dehydrator has five vented trays to slowly remove moisture from homemade foods made of ingredients that you choose. You can preserve your pet’s snacks and turn them into healthy foods that promote strong teeth. It will reduce plaque and add a healthful supplement to your pet's diet. This dehydrator comes with a book of 25 recipes for pets, and has tips for preparing and storing your dried pet snacks. 

Weight: 6 lbs. 


5 drying trays 
Recipe book with 25 homemade recipes for your pet 
2 dog bone and 1 fish-shapped treat cutters 
Jerky gun with 3 attachments for making jerky strips and sticks 
5 packets of pet treat spice (enough to season 5 pounds of treats)